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MoneySKILL® is the primary initiative of the AFSAEF. A free online comprehensive personal finance course, MoneySKILL educates high school students on money management fundamentals in the content areas of income, expenses, saving and investing, credit and insurance. The curriculum is designed to be used as all or part of a course in economics, math, social studies or wherever personal finance is taught.
Built-in quizzes test students’ grasp of each concept, and the electronic grade book for teachers records each student's module test scores and course grade. A life simulation module asks students to project their own financial life expectations in areas such as employment, housing, transportation, education, marriage, family and retirement to allow students to incorporate personal finance concepts into their everyday lives.
AFSAEF’s goal is to make high quality personal finance education available without any financial burden on the schools, teachers and students; and to educate young adults nationwide so they have the knowledge and skills to make sound financial decisions.
Visit the MoneySKILL Web site at www.moneyskill.org to learn more about the curriculum.
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