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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was created under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The start-up and operation of this regulatory body is a chief concern within the consumer credit industry and AFSA members in particular.

This page is designed to help members and visitors find a wealth of information related to the CFPB quickly and easily.

AFSA Comment Letter on CFPB Arbitration Study
AFSA Comment Letter on CFPB Credit Card Agreement Prototype
AFSA Comment Letter on CFPB Model Forms
AFSA Comment Letter on CFPB Proposed Arbitration Survey
AFSA Comment Letter on CFPB Proposed Credit Card Rule
AFSA Comment Letter on CFPB Streamlining Initiative
AFSA Comment Letter on HMDA Data Collection
AFSA Comment Letter on HOEPA Rule and Finance Charge Definition
AFSA Comment Letter on the CFPB’s Supervision Rules
AFSA Comment Letter to CFPB on Confidential Treatment of Privileged Information.
AFSA Comment Letter to CFPB on Consumer Complaint Narratives
AFSA Comment Letter to CFPB on Financial Products Marketed to College Students
AFSA Comment Letter to CFPB on Larger Participants
AFSA Comment Letter to CFPB on Proposed Mortgage Servicing Rules
AFSA Comment Letter to CFPB on Regulation Z
AFSA Comment Letter to CFPB on Streamlining Regulations
AFSA Comment Letter to OIG of Federal Reserve
AFSA Comment Letter to the CFPB on the Disclosure of Consumer Complaint Data
AFSA Comment Letter to the CFPB on the Impact of the CARD Act
AFSA Letter to CFPB on Consumer Complaint System
AFSA Letter to CFPB on Proposed Larger Participant Rule
AFSAEF Comment Letter to CFPB on Effective Financial Education
AFSAEF Comment Letter to CFPB on Financial Literacy
Joint Comment Letter to GAO on CFPB Complaint Database
Joint Letter to CFPB on Information Quality Standards
Joint Trade Letter on Cumulative Effects of RESPA-TILA
Joint Trade Letter on RESPA-TILA Integration
Joint Trade Letter to CFPB on Confidential Treatment of Privileged Information.
Joint Trade Letter to CFPB on Mortgage Servicing
Joint Trade Letter to CFPB on Small Business Advocacy Review
Joint Trade Letter to CFPB on Testing New Mortgage Disclosures
Letter to CFPB on GLBA Privacy Notices
News & Publications
ABA Sends Letter to Regulators on Inclusive Communities
AFSA Asks for Changes to CFPB Complaint Process
AFSA Asks Inspector General for More Oversight of CFPB
AFSA Attends Debt Collection Dialogue in New York
AFSA Attends NCSL’s Legislative Summit
AFSA Challenges Consumer Advocacy Groups on Dubious Claims Regarding Discrimination in Auto Lending
AFSA Comments on Ancillary Products and Debt Collection for Credit Cards
AFSA Comments on CFPB Review of Credit Card Market
AFSA Comments on New York Senate Report on Subprime Auto Financing
AFSA EVP Addresses Resident Lenders of NC
AFSA Files FOIA Request for CFPB Disparate Impact Methodology
AFSA Hires VP of Communications
AFSA Letter in Support of H.R. 1121, “The Responsible Consumer Financial Protection Regulations Act of 2011”
AFSA Letter in Support of H.R. 1315: “The Consumer Financial Protection Safety and Soundness Improvement Act”
AFSA Letter in Support of H.R. 1667, "Consumer Financial Protection Transfer Clarification Act"
AFSA Letter to House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
AFSA Letter to Senate Leadership Reinforces Position on CFPA
AFSA Letter Urges Changes to DoD MLA Rule
AFSA Meets with Senior CFPB Officials
AFSA Names New Member to Board of Directors
AFSA Op-Eds Call for Oversight of CFPB
AFSA Publishes New SGA Resources for Members
AFSA Publishes White Paper on Payroll Cards
AFSA Questions Leak of Confidential Vehicle Finance Discussions
AFSA Responds to Erroneous NCLC Report
AFSA Statement on CFPB Arbitration Study
AFSA Statement on CFPB Bulletin on Indirect Auto Lending
AFSA Statement on CFPB Structure and Leadership
AFSA Statement on Confirmation of Richard Cordray as CFPB Director
AFSA Statement on Dodd's Financial Reform Proposal
AFSA Statement on President Obama's Recess Appointment of CFPB Director
AFSA Statement on Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2009
AFSA Statement to the House Financial Services Committee on Mortgage Disclosures
AFSA Testifies before Congress, Seeking Reform of CFPB
AFSA Updates White Paper on Transportation Network Companies
AFSA, Other Trades Ask for Comment Period on Arbitration Study
After criticism, HUD Moves to Boot Over-Income Families
American Banker Series Cites CFPB Data Overestimation
Backlog Forces CFPB to Slow Down New Investigations
Battle over CFPB Funding Erupts Anew in House
Birthday Wish for CFPB: Get Real
Captives, Independents see Solid Gains in Auto Loan, Lease Accounts
CFPB Brands PayPal's Credit Product as 'Abusive'
CFPB Can Improve Customer Complaint Site: Watchdog Agency
CFPB Claims Rise in Consumer Lending Complaints
CFPB Collects from Debt Collectors, but Original Creditors Are Going to Pay, too
CFPB Company Portal Boarding Form is Unnecessary, AFSA Says
CFPB Complaint Data is Unreliable
CFPB Considering Ban on Arbitration Clauses
CFPB Delays Mortgage Disclosures Due to 'Administrative Error'
CFPB Director Questioned by Senators on Auto Finance, Consumer Privacy, Arbitration and Enforcement
CFPB Director Speaks Favorably About Installment Lending
CFPB Files Lawsuit Against Offshore Payday Lender
CFPB Finalizes Rule to Oversee Nonbank Auto Finance Companies
CFPB Fines Fidelity National Financial, Western Union Units $38M
CFPB Grapples with Spike in Employee Bias Complaints
CFPB Hits Fifth Third over Dealer Markup
CFPB Hits Military Payment Processor with $3M Fine
CFPB Hits Nation's Two Largest Debt Buyers with $79M Penalty
CFPB Names Meredith Fuchs Acting Deputy Director
CFPB Negligence Standard Casts a Broad Net
CFPB Sees Increase in Complaints about Credit Reports
CFPB Sets Date to Supervise Title Lenders, Installment Loans
CFPB Should Solicit and Collect Consumer Compliments
CFPB Targets PayPal Credit
CFPB Turns Microscope on Mortgage Industry Practices
CFPB Uncovers Problems in Credit Reporting, Next Steps Unclear
CFPB, DOJ Stepping up Interest in Redlining Cases
CFPB, Maryland AG Take Action against Pay-to-Play Mortgage-Kickback Scheme
CFPB's Cordray Confident New Mortgage Disclosures Won't Be Disruptive
CFPB's Strike against 'Abusive' Conduct No Longer Academic
Commentary: Don't Deny Loans to Military Households
Compliance Implications of CFPB/OCC & Citibank Consent Order
Cost of Credit-Card Fraud Is Set to Shift
Crackdown on Racial Bias Could Boost Drivers’ Costs for Auto Loans
Credit Access, Compliance Headline AFSA Annual Meeting
Credit Reporting a Key Topic for Furnishers
Dealers Urged to Polish Fair Lending Practices as CFPB Rule Looms
Do Two Half-Victims Make a Whole Case?
Elizabeth Warren Driving Solo so far on Auto Loan Fight
FCC Releases Final Order on Autodialed Calls
FDIC, Fed Must Face Payday Lenders' ‘Choke Point’ Lawsuit
Fed Survey Finds Pickup in Demand for Loans
GAO Investigating CFPB Payday Lending Rulemaking
Georgia Lawmaker Proposes CFPB Accountability Bill
Has High Court Raised Bar for CFPB in Auto Bias Cases?
Here's Why CFPB Had to Delay New Mortgage Disclosures
High Cost of Dodd-Frank Is Harming US Banks and Citizens
HMDA Data Expected to Brighten Mortgage Outlook
Honda's U.S. Auto Financing Arm Agrees to $25M Settlement
House Committee Defeats Push to Delay Pentagon's Lending Rules
House Committee Rebukes CFPB with Auto Guidance Repeal
House Dems Urge Action on Dodd-Frank Provision
House Fin. Serv. Committee Passes Critical Bills
House Passes Lending Reform Bills
House Subcommittee Passes Critical Defense Bill
Industry and Regulators Meet for Joint Forum
Joint Trade Letter in Support of HR 1737
Joint Trade Letter on Financial Product Safety Commission Act
Joint Trade Letter on Small Business Provisions in Dodd-Frank Act
Joint Trade Letter Supports Bureau Guidance Transparency Act
Joint Trade Letter to CFPB on Privileged Information
Joint Trade Letter to CFPB on QM
Joint Trade Letter to CFPB on Vehicle Finance Study
Joint Trade Letter to House Financial Services Committee on Privilege Bill
Joint Trade Letter to Senate on Small Business
Joint Trades Meet with CFPB on Mortgage Servicing
Lee Elected Vice Chair/Treasurer
Loans Are at a Healthy, Rational Level
NADA Sends FOIA on Dealer Discretion
New Independents Section Leadership Installed
New Member Welcome
Nine Executives Join AFSA Board of Directors
Proposed CFPA Would Hurt Financial Services Customers, AFSA Says
Real Reason behind CFPB’s New Payday Regs
Regions Bank Fined $7.5M for Overdraft Fees
Regulators Fine Bank $20 Million for Failing to Check Deposits
Second Bill Focused on Auto Financing Back in U.S. House
Statement on Nomination of Richard Cordray for CFPB Director
Study: CFPB Plan to Regulate Arbitration Will Hurt Borrowers
Study: GDP to take $895B Dodd-Frank hit
Subprime Loan Percentage Falls to Lowest Level in Three Years
The 'Grace Period' that Wasn't: CFPB Stays Course on New Disclosures
Transparency and Education among Top CFPB Priorities Identified by the American Financial Services Association
U.S. Consumer Confidence Falls in April
Uber Launches Car Leasing Unit, Makes Entry into Financial Services
Vehicle Finance Industry Commissions Study to Address Fair Lending
Warren’s False Claim about Auto Finance Gets Four Pinocchios from WaPo
Welcome Back
White House Threatens to Block Shelby Reg Relief Bill
Why a 36% Cap Is Too Low for Small-Dollar Loans
Why the Battle Over Dodd-Frank Will Never End
Why the Elections Matter for the CFPB
With GE Capital Wind-Down, Regulators Notch a Big Win
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