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Mortgage Lending Division

As an umbrella group within AFSA, the Mortgage Lending Division provides a forum for analysis, regulatory and legislative issues, education and the exchange of ideas relevant to the mortgage industry.
An Advisory Board of top management from mortgage companies ensures that the division stays focused on issues of critical importance to members. 
Division members benefit from the exchange of information and the ability to help define and coordinate strategies for various industry projects with the AFSA Government Affairs, Legal and Communications departments.
AFSA created a Mortgage Lending Division for association members that have a significant role and interest in the mortgage business. These member companies include:
  • Mortgage banking companies
  • Diversified financial services companies who engage in some form of mortgage business
  • Independent companies who specialize in subprime and home equity loans
  • Associate members (industry suppliers) who provide products and services to mortgage lenders
Reasons to Get Involved
Develop effective and proactive legislative and regulatory strategies that foster the growth of the business while maintaining a reasonable regulatory climate.

Stay up to date on legal issues impacting mortgage lending with reports from the AFSA Law Mortgage Lending Subcommittee. 

Track State Government Affairs Legislation
The AFSA SGA Committee monitors specific issues at the state level and takes action when warranted.
Reach Fixed Income Investors
Participate in AFSA Committees of Professional Interest relevant to mortgage lending companies:


Mortgage Lending Division Leadership

An Advisory Board of top management from prime and subprime vehicle finance companies ensures that the division stays focused on issues of critical importance to members.

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