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Active Membership
Consumer credit and finance companies engaged in providing financial services to consumers, small businesses, or both for at least one year in any U.S. state, possession, territory, or protectorate. 
Active members can be broken down further by the markets they represent, including:
  • Consumer Sales Finance Companies (non-vehicle)
  • Mortgage Lenders and Servicers
  • Payment Card Issuers
  • Traditional Installment Lenders
  • Vehicle finance/Leasing

Consumer Sales Finance Companies
Companies that provide no-vehicle credit for retail customers.

Mortgage Lenders and Servicers

Companies that provide or service first or second mortgages or home equity loans, manufactured housing loans and other loans secured by a borrower's residence.


Payment Card Issuers
Companies that offer credit and debit cards, and/or private label retail or other credit cards.


Traditional Installment Lenders
Companies that provide fixed rate, fully amortized loans which determine a borrower's ability to repay. Companies that provide traditional installment loans report payment activity to credit bureaus, do not charge penalties for early repayment and do not require balloon payments.


Vehicle Finance and Leasing Companies
Captive finance companies of vehicle manufacturers that provide financing and leasing indirectly through dealers of new and pre-owned vehicles. Banks that provide direct and indirect lending. Independent auto finance companies that provide financing through independent dealers.


Top Benefits of Active Membership 

Federal Government Affairs Making Your Voice Heard

  • Provides industry representation on Capitol Hill
  • Supports Members of Congress via the AFSAPAC
  • Coordinates approaches to policy development
  • Promotes the importance of financial education
  • Reduces compliance costs and opens new markets
  • Works with the federal government and regulators to restory liquidity to the marketplace

2015 Federal Legislative and Regulatory Priorities

State Government Affairs - Managing Legislative and Regulatory Issues at the State Level

  • Analyzes legislative trends
  • Gathers political intelligence and formulates strategy
  • Identifies and recommends industry-wide positions on state legislation and regulatory issues
  • Developes intellectual resources to support state and local lobbying activities - engaging in direct advocacy where appropriate.
  • Develops talking points, white papers and 50-state surveys
  • Receive complimentary access to AFSA’s legislative tracking system, AFSA*TRACK at KSE FOCUS.

    2015 State Legislative and Regulatory Priorities

Legal and Regulatory Services - Protecting Your Business

  • Eases your compliance burdens, litigation and reputation risk 
  • Meets with regulatory agencies on behalf of members 
  • Comments on regulatory rulemaking by federal agencies that affect consumer credit
  • Forms and leads industry coalitions
  • Participates in amicus briefs on behalf of members
  • Offers compliance education
  • Oversees the AFSA Law Committee - a major benefit to consumer credit and finance members 

Communications - Delivering Timely Industry Developments

  • Public Affairs - concentrates on establishing a positive identity for the industry
  • Media Relations - works closely with reporters to voice the association's position on a wide variety of topics
  • AFSA Newsbriefs - provides a once a week electronic newsletter that relays AFSA news, as well as industry's most relevant news
  • Email Alerts to Members on new regulations, legislation, and other important developments as they occur
  • Consumer Education - working with the AFSA Education Foundation and providing public relations and management support for AWARE (Americans Well-Informed on Automobile Retailing Economics)  www.autofinancing101.com

Educational and Networking Opportunities Connect You with Industry Leaders and Business Partners

  • Receive registration fee discounts at all AFSA conferences.

 Peer-to-Peer Connections to Enhance Your Professional Experience 

What is the Cost to Join?
Annual dues for active members are based on a percentage of gross income from consumer lending activities, including  interest, finance charge and service fee income from loans and leases, sales finance contracts, real estate loans, small business and agribusiness loans and leases.
Dues are paid on a calendar year and prorated after March 1. Request a dues computation form by contacting Sheilah Harrison at sharrison@afsamail.org.

Join Now!

Complete an Active Member Application and send to Sheilah Harrison, Vice President, Member Services, at sharrison@afsamail.org   Call (202) 466-8602. 
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