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National Bankruptcy Services, LLC
Jim O'Reilly
Senior Vice President>
Other Services Offered
  • Attorneys
  • Bankruptcy Servicing & Purchasing
  • Foreclosure & Replevin
14841 Dallas Parkway
Suite 300
Dallas, TX 75254
Phone: (214) 860-6973
Toll Free: (817) 658-7997
Fax: (214) 860-6973
Company Descripton Company Descripton Company Descripton National Bankruptcy Services, LLC (NBS) is the nation’s leading bankruptcy services provider specializing in helping banks, auto lenders, mortgage servicers, credit card servicers, commercial lenders, and investors to ensure compliant, efficient and profitable administration and management of their bankruptcy portfolios. NBS provides its bankruptcy and litigation services nationally to the nation’s largest and most respected lenders. NBS also provides back-office foreclosure support services to law firms in a variety of states including TX, CA, NV, AZ, FL, NJ, and NY. NBS offers the optimum blend of legal and compliance expertise with business logic resulting in measurable financial value for our clients. Company Descripton
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