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Vehicle Service Contracts
AUL Corporation
1 Star Partner
Jacqueline Swank
Marketing Manager>
Other Services Offered
  • Vehicle Service Contracts
1250 Main St.
Suite 300
Napa, CA 94558
Phone: (800) 826-3207
Fax: (707) 226-1863
Company Descripton Company Descripton AUL Corp. founded the national used car service contract industry in 1990, with its still famous Any Year, Any Mileage® Vehicle Service Contract. AUL continues leading its industry and is the only provider of its type authorized to conduct business in all 50 States, as well as some Caribbean locations. AUL enjoys a long relationship with its underwriters who hold an A.M. Best rating of "A" Excellent. AUL Corp. also enjoys the longest-term relationships in the industry with its agent and dealer clients, verified by independent third party research. AUL's mission is to be the premier service contract administrator in America, by any quantifiable measurement of business activity. To find out more, please visit http://www.aulcorp.com.
7 Star Partner
Joe McCaw
Executive Vice President>
Other Services Offered
  • Automotive Services
  • Call Center Services
  • Debt Protection
  • Insurance
  • Insurance Tracking
  • Motor Club
  • Vehicle Service Contracts
  • Vehicle Protection Programs
10151 Deerwood Park Blvd
Building 100, Suite 500
Jacksonville, FL 32256
Phone: (904) 638-7501
Fax: (904) 638-7510
Company Descripton Company Descripton A trusted partner of the installment loan industry for over 35 years with a reputation for exceptional service. We enhance your brand by combining technology, product knowledge and innovative thinking to deliver products with meaningful consumer value. At Fortegra you can Experience More.
GWC Warranty
2 Star Partner
Wendy Pratt
Director, Strategic Alliances>
Other Services Offered
  • Automotive Services
  • Vehicle Service Contracts
40 Coal Street
Wilkes Barre, PA 18702
Phone: (888) 840-7883
Fax: (704) 237-4892
Company Descripton Company Descripton GWC Warranty is a leading provider of vehicle service contracts and related finance and insurance products sold through automotive dealers. For almost 20 years, GWC has built one of the few integrated platforms in the industry, providing sales and marketing, exceptional claims administration, and unparalleled product options for its dealer and lender partners. GWC has brought the “No Worries. Just Drive” experience to drivers nationwide by being a trusted partner of over 20,000 independent and franchise car dealerships nationwide. GWC Warranty is owned by Stone Point Capital, a Connecticut based investment firm with aggregate committed capital of $13 Billion. For more information about GWC please visit www.GWCwarranty.com.
OwnerGUARD An AmTrust Financial Company
Al Sacko
Senior Vice President>
Other Services Offered
  • Automotive Services
  • Vehicle Service Contracts
1785 Hancock Street
Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92110-2036
Phone: (619) 228-0110

Company Descripton Company Descripton Company Descripton Company Descripton Since 1989, OwnerGUARD Corporation has been an industry leader in offering a wide range of finance and insurance products. Our products are designed exclusively for financial institutions, automobile dealers, and manufacturers. We are committed to providing our business partners a competitive advantage through innovative product development, unsurpassed service levels, competitive pricing strategies, and state-of-the-art technology.
Route 66 Extended Warranty
1 Star Partner
John Gibbons
Sales Director, Bank and Finance Company Division>
Other Services Offered
  • Vehicle Service Contracts
  • Vehicle Protection Programs
PO Box 1075
Mountain Home, AR 72654
Phone: (800) 808-0828

Company Descripton Company Descripton Company Descripton Company Descripton Route 66 Extended Warranty is a leading provider of vehicle and powersport service contracts to financial institutions nationwide. With over 28 years of experience and a deep understanding of lenders' unique needs, we offer a perfect balance of coverage, cost and on-going service that helps our clients expand collateral protection and boost sales and income. Call John today to experience the Route 66 difference: 651.245.6861.
Transamerica Life & Protection
Tom Kazar
Vice President, Sales>
Other Services Offered
  • Debt Protection
  • Insurance
  • Training and Development
  • Vehicle Service Contracts
100 Light Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: (630) 215-6042
Fax: (410) 209-5326
Transamerica Financial Solutions Group helps you provide consumer–centric experiences fused with innovation. With over 40 years of experience strengthening Financial Institutions throughout the United States and Canada, our portfolio consists of Insurance and Protection Products, Customer Growth and Support Strategies, Technological Solutions, Research, and Training. These products and services help you confidently achieve financial objectives with less risk and grow additional fee-income opportunities; while simultaneously improving your service, safeguarding your bottom line, and protecting your consumers.
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