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National Bankruptcy Services, LLC
Jim O'Reilly
Senior Vice President
Other Services Offered
  • Attorneys
  • Bankruptcy Servicing & Purchasing
  • Foreclosure & Replevin
14841 Dallas Parkway
Suite 300
Dallas, TX 75254
Phone: (214) 860-6973
Fax: (214) 860-6973
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National Bankruptcy Services, LLC (“NBS”) is the largest automobile and real property outsourced bankruptcy service provider in the U.S., has a market share of over three times larger than its next closest competitor, and is currently working with all of the top 10 largest bank and non-bank servicers.


For over 15 years, NBS has been the largest outsourced secured provider of Reaffirmations and Proof Of Claims, as well as has served as a trusted partner to a variety of secured loan servicers, captive auto finance companies, national banks, regional banks, credit unions, mortgage servicers, and investors. NBS provides a complete bankruptcy case management solution, allowing clients to improve recovery results, improve compliance, reduce risk, and consolidate the management of numerous processes, vendors, and cost.


Advanced proprietary bankruptcy technology delivers scale, operating efficiencies, and portfolio transparency, as well as automated jurisdictional/district/judge compliance engine with related internal investment in legal research, supplemented by near real time input from our local counsel network.


NBS provides national litigation services in bankruptcy, as well as foreclosure services, with a network of over 150 other law firms who perform services as local counsel.   


NBS has invested over $25 million in bankruptcy servicing and compliance technology over the past two years, which is the largest bankruptcy capital investment in this area for an outsourced bankruptcy services provider.       


Over the last several years, NBS has made several strategic acquisitions to clearly differentiate NBS as the leader in bankruptcy servicing technology and bankruptcy administrative servicing.  In 2012, NBS acquired industry-recognized software, PACT, an application suite focused on helping clients directly address the misapplication of funds through Chapter 13 Trustee payment posting automation and Claims Tracking.


In late 2013, NBS acquired LCI, a leading provider of data, technology and expert solutions in the bankruptcy industry, which securely manages over 1.3 billion accounts.  LCI delivers bankruptcy notification, docket event monitoring, asset notification, claim analysis, bankruptcy document retrieval solutions, deceased notification, transfer of claims, SCRA solutions, and much more.


Both acquisitions round out the legal and servicing leadership of NBS by contributing proven business and technology competence.  In addition, NBS is pleased to now hold several Chapter 13 process related patents.



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