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SGA Resources

Talking Points

Talking Points
APR Limits
Auto Franchising New!

Automated Clearing House and Electronic Payments
Credit Scoring 101: Existing Regulations
Credit Scoring Benefits
Consumer Protection Laws
Data Breach Legislation
Data Breach Legislation - Federal
Dealership Financing at a Glance
Debit Cards
Debt Settlement Companies  New!
DoD Rate Cap for Payday Lending
Driver/Owner Vehicle Liability Shifting
FACT Act and Federal Preemption
Fiduciary Duty
File Freeze Legislation
Financial Literacy Education
Financial Literacy Education and Mortgage Lending
Foreclosure Moratorium
Gift & Stored Value Cards
Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA)
Installment vs. Payday Loans
Interchange Fees
Mandatory Arbitration
Mandatory Counseling
Mandatory Foreclosure Mediation 
Mortgage Loan Originator Licensing
Mortgage Loan Originators and NMLSR 
National Bank Act Preemption: Credit Cards (Updated September 2009) 

National Bank Act Preemption: Mortgage Lending
New York: Multiple Inquiries in Credit Scoring
Payday Lending Database 
Privacy and Opt-In Requirements
Risk-Based Pricing in Mortgage Lending
Student Credit Card Marketing
Understanding Subprime Mortgage Lending Issues
Uniform Commercial Code Primer
Unsoliciated Commercial E-mail: Spam
Use of Payment Cards for Unlawful Internet Transactions
Vacant Property Upkeep
50% Myth 

White Papers

White Papers
Antitrust 101: A Primer on the Concepts (May 2006)
36 Percent Rate Cap Legislation (August 2009) 
Ancillary Products (February 2010) 
Auto Dealer Insolvency (May 2009)   
Car Buyers' Bill of Rights Updated (November 2008)
Case for Installment Lending  (September 2007)
Credit CARD Act, Regulation AA, and Regulation Z (Updated September 2009)

Credit Counseling and the Uniform Debt Management Services Act (July 2009) 
Foreclosure Moratorium (August 2008) 
Foreclosure Prevention & Mortgage Loan Modification (June 2009) 
Interchange Fees (July 2008)
Live Checks/Convenience Checks (September 2008)
Payday Lending Databases (November 2009)

Privacy (October 2008)
Real ID Act (March 2009)      
SAFE Act (February 2009)
SAFE Act Legislative and Regulatory Update (December 2009) 
Small Loan Interest Rate Cap (May 2008)

State Executive Task Forces on Foreclosures (March 2008) 
Suitability and Soundness (March 2010)  New!
Vacant Property Upkeep (December 2008) 
Vehicle Franchise Legislation with Captive Finance Provisions New!
Vehicle Driver/Owner Liability Shifting (December 2009)
Year in Review/Preview for the 2010 Session (January 2010) 

Year in Review/Preview for the 2009 Session (January 2009)
Year in Review/Preview for the 2008 Session (January 2008)

Archived (old) White Papers

Charts/50 State Surveys

Charts/50 State Surveys
Dealer Documentation Fees (October 2005)
GAP 50 State Survey (Updated January 2010)
Gift Limit, State Political Contribution & Lobby Report (May 2007)
State Data Breach Laws (June 2007)
State Executive Task Forces on Foreclosures (Updated February 2010) 
State Small Loan Categories (February 2009)
Who Holds the Title when there is a Lien on a Vehicle? (November 2009) 

State Legislation Maps

State Legislation Maps
Credit Freeze Legislation (June 2009) 
Globalization/Outsourcing Legislation (June 2009)
Priority Issues (September 2009)
Security Breach Legislation (June 2009)
Stored Value Systems/Gift Cards Legislation (June 2009)

Mortgage Lending Research Studies

Center for Statistical Research Reports
Analysis of the Center for Responsible Lending's Losing Ground Foreclosure Study
Impact on Massachusetts Subprime Borrowers & Proposed Subprime Lending Reforms
N.C. Regulation of Subprime Mortgages - Debate over Social Benefits and Costs
Projecting the Impact AB 75 will have on New Jersey Borrowers
Residential Foreclosure Experience in Ohio
Risk and Price in Illinois and National Subprime Market
Risk and Price in Texas and National Subprime Market
Subprime Lending in Arizona
Subprime Lending in California
Subprime Lending in Los Angeles and California
Subprime Lending in Maine
Subprime Lending in San Jose, California
Subprime Lending in Tennessee
U.S. Mortgage Borrowing: Providing Americans with Opportunity, or Imposing Excessive Risk?
Economic Studies and Consumer Research Reports
AEI-North Carolina's Anti-Predatory Lending Law: Still a Problem Despite New Study
AEI-Subprime, but not Half-Bad
Evaluating Predatory Lending Laws: Standard & Poor's Explains its Approach
Impact of the New Jersey Home Ownership Security Act of 2002
OCC Working Paper - Economic Issues in Predatory Lending
Regulation of Subprime Mortgage Products: Analysis of N.C Predatory Lending Law
Standard & Poor's Anti-Predatory Lending Alert - Q&A on Revised Criteria
Standard & Poor's Implements Credit Enhancement Criteria
Standard & Poor's Revises Criteria related to Anti-Predatory Lending Laws

2010 Enacted Laws by Month

2009 Enacted Laws

2006-2008 Enacted Laws