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Mortgage Lending Subcommittee

The SGA Mortgage Lending Subcommittee holds regular conference calls to discuss legislative movement / trends and licensing issues. Subcommittee members also meet in-person during the SGA Committee Meetings.

Subcommittee 2015 Conference Call Schedule

If you would like to become part of this Subcommittee please contact Danielle Fagre Arlowe at dfagre@afsamail.org or Susan Sullivan at ssullivan@afsamail.org.

Please visit our Resources section for a complete list of materials (i.e. talking points, issue briefs, white papers, 50 state surveys, monthly enacted laws) for all industry areas, including mortgage lending, cards, personal loans, and vehicle finance.

Talking Points
Issue Briefs
White Papers
Charts/50 State Surveys
Enacted Laws
State-specific Talking Points

Quick References - Miscellaneous Mortgage Lending Items

SAFE Act Resources:

The SAFE Act - Background and Industry Concerns

Redline of CSBS 

Clean Version Industry Model Bill 

SAFE Act Enacted State Laws

SAFE Act Pending and Adopted Regulations

Frank-Bachus Letter (Re: implementation date, de minimis standard)

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