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State Government Affairs Committee
The State Government Affairs (SGA) Committee serves as a forum to address state legislative and regulatory initiatives. It comprises four subcommittees: Cards, Mortgage Lending, Personal Loans, and Vehicle Finance. The SGA Committee reviews legislation; analyzes legislative trends; gathers political intelligence; formulates strategy and issues management materials; identifies and recommends industry-wide positions on state legislation and regulatory issues; develops intellectual resources to support state and local lobbying activities; and engages in direct advocacy where appropriate via formal commentary and occasionally hiring on-the-ground lobbyists. The committee holds in-person meetings three times a year.
Eligibility: Members of AFSA who participate in state legislative activities, make contact with state administrators, or have staff members who do these activities.
Want to get involved?
Contact AFSA staff liaison Danielle Fagre Arlowe at dfagre@afsamail.org.

Follow AFSA SGA on Twitter @AFSA_SGA 
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