Traditional Installment Lenders and Sales Finance Companies

Companies providing fixed rate, fully amortized loans that determine a borrower's ability to repay. Companies that provide traditional installment loans, report payment activity to credit bureaus, do not charge penalties for early repayment and do not require balloon payments. Companies that do not require the borrower to agree to a pre-authorized automatic withdrawal in the form of a bank draft, a pre-approved ACH or its equivalent.

Compliance Management and Training

  • AFSA University – an online compliance training program on federal laws and regulations for members only at only $20 per employee per year.
  • Join the Operations and Regulatory Compliance Committee (ORCC) to receive resources for developing a Compliance Management System, a vendor management program, cybersecurity procedures and more.
  • Register for complimentary compliance webinars for members only
  • Provide consistent training at the branch level with Branch Operations Basics (BOB) Online Learning Modules developed for traditional installment lenders. Certificates are provided when courses are completed. Now part of AFSA University Curriculum. 

Working for You: Your 'Voice' in Washington and the Media

  • Protecting your ability to price for risk, provide small dollar loans, provide ancillary products, protect the current bankruptcy code, promote the value of arbitration as a fair mode to settle agreements, and maintain access to credit for the military community.
  • Access AFSA’s plan of action in dealing with the CFPB and receive continuous updates sent to members only.
  • Telling the positive story of Traditional Installment Loans - because Installment Loans Work.
  • Proactive outreach and response to news media covering industry issues.

Working for You: Your 'Voice' at the State Level

  • Join the State Government Affairs (SGA) Committee and State Traditional Installment Lending Committee.
  • Access to AFSA*Track at KSE FOCUS®, a web-based state legislative and regulatory monitoring system with specific tracking of consumer finance issues for all 50 states and the federal government.
  • Access to SGA talking points, issue briefs, white papers, 50-state surveys.
  • Receive weekly legislative reports.
  • Receive monthly state enacted laws and briefing reports on consumer lending legislation.
  • State Legislative Priorities for Traditional Installment Lenders

Get Involved

  • Join Committees of Professional Interest
  • Network, share and learn best business practices with other installment lenders nationwide
  • As the CEO, receive a special invitation to the Installment Lenders Summit & Congressional Fly-In
  • Attend the next Independents Conference & Exposition
  • Compare Your Company’s Performance and Evaluate Your Business Practices
  • Participate in the AFSA RSM Independent Financial Survey and receive a complimentary copy of the survey results.
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