Mortgage Lenders and Servicers

Compliance Management and Training

  • AFSA University – an online compliance training program on federal laws and regulations for members only at only $20 per employee per year.
  • Join the Operations and Regulatory Compliance Committee (ORCC) to receive resources to assist your company in developing a Compliance Management System, a vendor management program, cybersecurity procedures and more. Share information with other AFSA members on important compliance topics.
  • Register for complimentary compliance webinars for members only

Legal and Federal Legislative Affairs to Benefit Mortgage Lenders

AFSA supports protecting consumers against unfair and deceptive mortgage lending practices through strong national standards that allow innovation in product development to ensure affordable access to credit for all Americans, while providing mortgage servicers with the greatest amount of flexibility in helping borrowers stay in their home.
  • Join the AFSA Law Committee and Law Mortgage Lending Subcommittee
  • Have a “voice” in legislative and regulatory priorities in mortgage lending
  • Access AFSA’s plan of action in dealing with the CFPB and receive continuous updates.
  • Federal Legislative Priorities

State Government Affairs Program to Benefit Mortgage Lenders and Servicers

  • Join the State Government Affairs (SGA) Committee and State Mortgage Lending /Servicing Group
  • Access to AFSA*Track at KSE FOCUS®, a complementary web-based state legislative and regulatory monitoring system with specific tracking of mortgage lending and servicing issues for all 50 states and the federal government.
  • Establish your own customized email alerts from AFSA*Track.
  • Access to SGA talking points, issue briefs, white papers, 50-state surveys, and municipal ordinance tracking charts.
  • Receive weekly legislative reports on key legislation and charts of legislative activity in mortgage lending and servicing.
  • Receive monthly state enacted laws reports.
  • Review the State Legislative Priorities for Mortgage Lenders
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