Traditional Installment Lenders and Sales Finance Companies

In addition to the comprehensive member benefits provided to all AFSA consumer finance companies, the following are additional benefits focused on our traditional installment lender and sales finance company members:

  • Compliance management training curriculum for installment lenders and Branch Operations Basics (BOB) through AFSA University. Helps members identify mandatory and suggested assignments based on job responsibilities and federal regulatory requirements. 
  • Federal and state legislative and regulatory action and support to protect your ability to:
    • Price for risk
    • Provide small dollar loans
    • Provide voluntary protection products
    • Protect the current bankruptcy code
    • Promote the value of arbitration as a fair mode to settle agreements
    • Maintain access to credit for the military community
  • Proactive outreach and response to news media coverage on installment loans and small dollar lending and sharing a positive message
  • Participation on networking groups and committees focused on installment lenders or areas of professional interest.
  • Network, share and learn best business practices with other installment lenders at the annual Independents Conference.
  • Receive an invitation for your CEO to attend the AFSA Installment Lenders Summit & Congressional Fly-In.
  • Participate in the AFSA RSM Independent Financial Survey and receive a complimentary copy of the survey results.
Questions? Contact AFSA Member Services or at (202) 296-5544 or complete this form to receive additional information.