SGA previews battleground Gubernatorial races Michigan

This is the second installment of the AFSA State Government Affairs (SGA) team’s White Paper on the 2018 Gubernatorial Elections Preview, examining the races in states that will hold elections. Newsbriefs is highlighting the races in four swing states: Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Florida. The SGA White Paper does a comprehensive deep dive into the races looking at factors such as independent polling, key endorsements and campaign fundraising of the candidates.

Michigan’s incumbent two-term Republican governor Rick Snyder is not running for re-election due term limits. Democrats see Michigan, like other Midwestern states, as a prime opportunity to win the race for governor, especially with Snyder’s 35 percent approval rating.

Republican state Attorney General Bill Schuette will face Democrat Gretchen Whitmer, the former state Senate Minority Leader, in November. Whitmer is running on a non-partisan platform of improving schools and public infrastructure, trying to appeal to independent voters. Schuette, is pitching himself as a balanced budget Republican.

Whitmer has an edge in the campaign funding effort, raising $5 million to Schuette’s $3.5 million. According to the SGA White Paper, “Whitmer has led all polls since the primaries, often with double-digit leads. This lead will likely result in a Democratic victory unless Schuette performs well in the debates and turns around his campaign, whose management has been criticized by the Republican Governors’ Association (RGA). Next week: Wisconsin