AFSA Launches CCPA Working Group

Following up on presentations made at AFSA’s May committee meetings, the AFSA Operations and Regulatory is creating the California Consumer Protection Act Working Group.

“The purpose of the group is to give AFSA members focused on compliance issues a chance to share information and approaches to dealing with the CCPA,” said Philip Bohi, VP Compliance Education. “We will focus on understanding the law’s requirements along with any amendments, regulations, or guidance that will come.  With that as a foundation, we can talk about how to achieve and maintain compliance.”

Group goals include:

Discussing compliance obligations relating to CCPA
Discussing techniques members can use to achieve and maintain compliance
Update on CCPA amendments, rules, guidance

AFSA’s State Government Affairs Committee will continue its work and efforts on legislative and regulatory matters related to the CCPA.

If you are interested in participating in the AFSA ORCC CCPA working group, please contact Philip Bohi at