An Open Letter to Their Highnesses the Duke & Duchess of Sussex

 TRH Duke & Duchess of Sussex: 

Starting a new, exciting chapter in one’s life can be fraught with challenges for anyone, especially when they are seeking to establish financial stability and independence.  How to open up a checking and savings account?  How to create a household budget?  How to ensure a strong credit score?  These are no doubt the types of questions you will be addressing in the coming days as you set off on this new adventure.  

With that in mind, might we suggest you take a look at the AFSA Education Foundation’s MoneySKILL® program?  Whether looking to buy a new home in Sussex, Vancouver, Los Angeles (or all three!), a new minivan for the pre-K carpool, or office furniture to outfit that new foundation you are launching, the MoneySKILL® curriculum has empowered more than a million students and consumers of all ages with money-management fundamentals, and can it can help you on your path to financial independence.  

No pressure.  Visit … and best of luck.