Luntz Awes the Crowd at AFSA’s Vehicle Finance Conference in Las Vegas

The keynote speaker at AFSA’s Vehicle Finance Conference & Expo, Frank Luntz, was no where to be found at the start of his speech. Suddenly a familiar voice that has been on cable news air waves for over two decades, made his presence known from the back of the ballroom.

Luntz began walking up to the front, telling jokes, giving a few insights, and talking about his bread and butter topic: political perception.

He ran through some video of the best and worst campaign ads so far, while at the same time highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate.

He bantered with the audience as he polled them on different candidates in a 2020 match-up with Donald Trump. It looked like Trump was the favorite in the audience to win, and Sanders the least likely, Bloomberg and Biden got the most applause from the other side of the crowd.

At the end he voiced his concern for the auto industry, mentioning modern disrupters like ridesharing and Uber, saying I know you are going through “tough times.”

Despite the somewhat grim conclusion to an entertaining hour, the audience loved every minute of it.

Watch a video below: