SourceLink Webinar Stresses Landing Pages as Critical for Lenders

AFSA’s Business Partner Webinar program played host to “Five can't fail landing page strategies for lenders,” presented by SourceLink.

The webinar explored the role website landing pages have in the current lending landscape, and how simple online applications can be greatly enhanced by using testing strategies with landing pages.

Presenter Stephane Gringer, Vice President, Digital Solutions with SourceLink, discussed the importance of having a responsive design and channel specific pages for narrowing message content. Additionally, he touched on the topic of cognitive overload. Presenting a user with too many options can be a detriment that said it can actually be better to have more white space on a page. The most important takeaway was the importance of testing.

A recording of the webinar, along with the slides, as well as past recordings and a list of other upcoming webinars can be found in the AFSA Webinar Resource Center. For more information, contact Dan Bucherer, Communications Manager, at