We have the strategy. You bring the stories. AFSA’s Capitol Hill Day

One of the hallmarks of AFSA membership is the expertise and access that the association brings to the table. AFSA staff works hard to cultivate meaningful relationships with members of Congress, the administration, state legislatures, and various agencies. AFSA helps officials understand the important role that consumer credit plays in the American economy.

Equally, if not more important that strategy, however, is the personal stories that AFSA members share with those representatives. AFSA staff can bring consumer credit issues to the Hill every day of the week, but the most powerful impact is always within the personal stories of AFSA members.

Congressional representatives want to hear from you. What are you seeing in your businesses? Are you struggling because of burdensome regulation? More importantly, what are your customers saying? Do you have an especially poignant story to share?

We invite you to share your stories with your congressional representatives during AFSA’s Annual Meeting Hill Day. Join us and tell your story. You can sign up at annual.afsaonline.org.