Independents Section Board

The Independents Section provides a forum for members to exchange information and develop programs and services specifically designed to meet the needs of independent member companies, including traditional installment lenders and subprime auto finance companies. An advisory board of executives from Independent member companies provide leadership to the Independents Section and guides AFSA on initiatives to benefit this industry segment. AFSA's Independents Conference and Exposition, held in April, is the main event for independent finance company owners and operators in the industry. Participate in the annual AFSA Independents Financial Survey provided by RSM US LLP. The Outstanding Independent Award is presented at the Independents Conference to an Independent Section member who has contributed to the growth of the financial services industry and has helped raise the image of the independent operator. The Outstanding Employee Awards are presented at the annual Independents Conference to individuals from AFSA member finance companies who have shown excellence in performance management and customer service under the company's standards of finance. The individuals are selected by their companies. For more information please contact Perla Manuel at

Committee Members

Ms. Heidi P. Bolton Member Security Finance Corporation of Spartanburg
Mr. Cyrus Bozorgi Member Veros Credit, LLC
Mr. Stanley L. Butler Chair Heights Finance Corporation
Mr. Royce E. Everette, Jr AFSAPAC Chair Time Investment Corporation
Mr. George Fussell Member SAFCO
Mr. Tim Harrelson Member Penn Hill Associates
Ms. Toni M. Lewis-Bennett Staff Member American Financial Services Association
Ms. Kelly M. Malson Member Nicholas Financial, Inc.
Mr. Morris R. Marshburn Member RSM US LLP
Mr. Gary L. McQuain Member Southern Management Corporation
Mr. Thomas J. Morano Staff Liaison American Financial Services Association
Mr. Bradley A Noel Immediate Past Chair Republic Finance, LLC
Mr. James W. Schneider Member Mariner Finance, LLC
Mr. Dan Walters AFSAPAC Vice Chair Credit Central, LLC
Ms. Sheri K. Wilford Member LPI Loans