State Government Affairs Committees

State Government Affairs Committee (SGA)

  • Purpose - Serves as a forum to address state legislative and regulatory issues that affect AFSA member companies. Reviews legislation, analyzes legislative trends, gathers political intelligence, formulates strategy and issues management materials, identifies and recommends industry-wide positions on state legislation and regulatory issues, and engages in direct advocacy where appropriate. Members receive weekly legislative tracking charts.
  • Key Issues - State rate caps, privacy and cybersecurity, collections restrictions, fair lending, state attorney general enforcement, restrictions on voluntary protection products, vacant property ordinances, payment card restrictions, repossession and post default issues.
  • Calls/Meetings - Full committee meets in-person three times a year. Communicate regularly via committee email. Subcommittees hold monthly calls.
  • Subcommittees/Working Groups - Mortgage lending/servicing, payment cards, personal loans, and vehicle finance.
  • Eligibility - Finance company and Business Partner members who participate in state legislative activities.
  • Staff Liaison(s) - Danielle Fagre Arlowe, Senior Vice President and Matt Kownacki, Director, State Research & Policy
State Association Executives

  • Purpose - Provide committee for Executive Directors from state association AFSA Affiliate members.
  • Key Issues - Issues impacting the financial services industry.
  • Calls/Meetings - Quarterly conference calls.
  • Subcommittees/Working Groups - None.
  • Eligibility - Executive Directors from AFSA Affiliate members.
  • Staff Liaison(s) - Danielle Fagre Arlowe, Senior Vice President and Matt Kownacki, Director, State Research & Policy

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