CHAMPtitles, an Ownum company

Through the application of its secure, patent-pending, blockchain technology, CHAMPtitles ends the reliance on legacy systems to manage U.S. automobile titles. CHAMPtitles partners with each party in the vehicle title ecosystem to reduce their costs in handling titles, turning the burdensome administrative process of issuing a vehicle title into a profitable activity.

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Services Offered

CategoryDescription of Services
Business Process ImprovementPaper car titles can be costly, error prone, susceptible to fraud, and subject to lengthy transfer times. Digital titles enable added security, easy transfer between individuals and companies, and lower costs.
Mobile and Digital Process ServicesPrior to blockchain, paper was the only trustworthy medium for documenting vehicle ownership. CHAMPtitles utilizes a Blockchain Encrypted Ledger That’s Executable and Distributed, a BELTED system, to create a trusted marketplace whereby all disparate parties are linked together in a secure and immutable way. This allows electronic verification for each’s party relevance and stake in the vehicle’s transaction
Title Administration ServicesIn the U.S., 263,000,000 vehicles are registered to their owners using manual, paper-based record keeping. Ownum's CHAMPtitles is bringing car titling online, delivering enhanced security, and efficiency to owners, state governments, and law enforcement.

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