ALG’s mission is to help lenders make informed decisions that improve business outcomes and reduce uncertainty. By combining leading analytics and industry expertise, we predict what a vehicle will be worth at all points in its lifecycle. Our team continuously tracks the vehicle market and leverages our proprietary U.S. and Canadian market models to generate the industry's benchmark residual values. These values form the basis for a variety of services, including: Retail distribution of loan and lease data, Portfolio mark-to-market analysis, Portfolio stress testing, Collateral scoring, Custom valuation modeling, Historical market analysis. Whether its contract originations, portfolio management or remarketing, our team is ready to put its auto industry expertise to work for you.

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Services Offered

CategoryDescription of Services
Analytics and Risk ManagementLenders can take portfolio assessments a step further with stress testing services. ALG has 5 standard scenarios ranging from severe recession to high GDP growth, and also creates custom scenarios based on client needs. Results are returned at the VIN level to provide a complete view of underlying risk under different market conditions.
Portfolio AssessmentsALG helps lenders monitor their loan/lease portfolios by providing ongoing forecasts of a portfolio’s collateral depreciation. Each vehicle’s monthly depreciation outlook reflects any changes in the expected macro-economic or industry environments. By obtaining and updated depreciation outlook, lenders can more accurately gauge their residual value risk through time.
Vehicle Valuation and History ReportsALG produces forecasted depreciation values for new and used vehicles for the U.S. & Canadian markets. The forecast includes the most current 7 model years with trim and option adjustments to provide the most thorough and accurate valuations available in the industry. Forecasts are available with a wide variety of contract term and mileage assumptions to support a lenders go-to-market strategy.

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