Founded in 1996, Dallas-based DIMONT is a leading provider of insurance claims management and adjustment services for mortgage and auto lenders, servicers and investors nationwide. DIMONT’s total collateral loss mitigation solution enables servicers and lenders to proactively reduce losses on the disposition of collateral. DIMONT is a trusted partner for its clients, providing specialty technology-enabled insurance and claims-related solutions. DIMONT’s solutions provide higher recovery rates and claim amounts on repossessed damaged assets.

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Services Offered

CategoryDescription of Services
Claims Processing ServicesDIMONT is the leading provider in automotive insurance claims and adjustment services. We are uniquely experienced at negotiating claims and rebutting denials, providing lenders higher recoveries on their portfolios.
Insurance Tracking ServicesDIMONT has re-engineered the current insurance tracking process and identified a more cost effective way of monitoring the lenders’ entire portfolio.
Repossession Management ServicesOur experienced claims adjusters pursue every dollar of claimable damage on repossessed vehicles at a competitive contingency rate.

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