Sections & Divisions

A major benefit of AFSA membership is the opportunity to involve senior management in the sections or divisions that relate to individual company's needs and interests. Many of these groups act as the driving force for major AFSA initiatives and activities.

Membership in AFSA's divisions is complimentary to all members provided that your company does business in the industry segment you are joining. Explore the four unique sections and divisions AFSA has to offer. 

Independents Section

Top executives from Independent member companies provide leadership to the Independents Section and guide AFSA on initiatives to benefit this industry segment.

Payment Card Division

Members of AFSA’s Card Division provide input for the association initiatives related to card issues, such as submitting comment letters, issuing media statements, and testifying at and attending hearings on Capitol Hill and at the state level.

Mortgage Lending Division

As an umbrella group within AFSA, the Mortgage Lending Division provides a forum for analysis, regulatory and legislative issues, education and the exchange of ideas relevant to the mortgage industry.

Vehicle Finance Division

An Advisory Board of top management from vehicle finance companies ensures that the division stays focused on issues of critical importance to members.