Branch Operations Basics (BOB)

Online Learning Modules for Traditional Installment Lenders

Does your company have a program in place to provide consistent training on the way your company works with customers and provides, services and collects loans? If not, learn more about BOB today. BOB consists of five web-based learning modules that focus on the common characteristics and business practices that most consumer finance companies share. You do not have to be an AFSA member to take advantage of the training opportunities offered by BOB, but membership offers signficant discounts! To learn more, visit AFSATraining and click on Meet BOB to view a preview of each module. 

To order BOB licenses for your employees or for more information, contact Sheilah Harrison, Vice President, Member Services.

Top Five Benefits of BOB

  1. Customize the training to apply to your business operations and state regulations using On-the-Job Learning Activities incorporated in the program.
  2. Ensures that your employees understand the importance of complying with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and other key regulations.
  3. Achievement test and Certificate of Achievement for each module.
  4. A Learning Management System (LMS) provides each company with reports that track the progress of employees enrolled in the program.
  5. Significant discounts to AFSA members and for companies purchasing “licenses” for 60 or more employees with no expiration date.

BOB Member Testimonials

  • "Our company has made great progress in our training initiatives by incorporating the AFSA training modules into our internal training program. " -Josh Johnson, President & CEO, Mariner Finance, LLC
  • We have made it mandatory for all new employees to go through the modules to provide a good foundation about what we do at Turner Acceptance, who our customers are and the benefits we bring to the industry. -Jonathon Levin, President & CEO, Turner Acceptance Corporation
  • All of our existing branch and division managers completed the program so they would understand what was being taught and be prepared to answer questions from new employees who are required to complete the modules during the first 90 days of employment. -Roger Lloyd, Executive Vice President, United Finance Co.
  • We are thrilled with the AFSA online training modules to deliver more thorough and consistent training to our newly-hired associates. The program is structured to enable your company to tailor it to fit your particular business model. And, the price is right! If you are looking to ramp up your training, I encourage you to give the AFSA online training program a look.-Steve Schmelzer, President & CEO, Personal Finance Company LLC.