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AFSA hosts a variety of webinars throughout the year to educate members on some of the most pressing issues that face the financial services industry. Webinar registration, as well as post-program recordings and handouts, are available to AFSA members only unless otherwise noted.

AFSA's Business Partner Webinar series allows industry experts to share timely, educational topics directly with AFSA members. The webinars are designed to provide information that will allow AFSA members to more effectively design, develop and implement strategies for their company's success. If you are a Business Partner and interested in participating, review the Business Partner Webinar Flyer for more information. To apply, complete the webinar proposal form. For questions, contact Dan Bucherer.

Optimize Your Acquisition Strategy and Elevate Profits
Tuesday, December 4, 2018 | 2:00 p.m. ET 

Step into the future of customer acquisition and put the data to work for you! The capabilities of today’s technologies, backed by real-time data updates, makes it possible to engage consumers when they are most motivated to respond.

Learn how the right prescreening process can help identify subprime consumers who are more likely to respond to credit offers and are likely to repay.

Presenters: George Coutros, Head of Product and Analytics, Clarity | Paul DeSaulniers, Senior Director, Alternative Data, Scoring & Collections, Experian


Webinar Recordings

Speedpay® Pulse: Consumer Research Reveals Preference for Traditional Payment Options
Recorded November 13, 2018

The Speedpay® Pulse, a quarterly consumer billing and payments trends and behaviors survey of 3,000 U.S. adults responsible for two or more household payments a month, revealed a surprising finding – consumers still prefer traditional payment options.

Despite billers offering new methods for making one-time payments (like mobile apps), the research demonstrated that consumers are not quite ready to make this adjustment and prefer paying through the biller's website, in person at a biller’s location or through the mail by check.

So, what does this information mean for billers?

During this webinar, attendees will learn how these preferences impact adoption of different payment methods as well as the larger auto finance industry. Attendees will also gain an understanding of how they can educate consumers to feel more comfortable with newer payment methods without losing sight of consumer preferences.

Presenter: Alexis Blackstead, VP Business Development & Sales | Speedpay


Text Talk: Customer Engagement & Payments Go Mobile
Recorded November 6, 2018 

Mobile devices have indisputably taken a central role in our lives, with consumers now happily paying for almost anything with their phones—and even more so—via text message. This flexible option offers your customers a fast, easy way to use their mobile device to communicate and to handle payment transactions. *By the year 2020, 50% more individuals expect to use a mobile payment solution, compared with 2016.

As technology continues to impact how consumers want to pay, how can lenders adapt to this growing trend? See text in action and join our live panelist discussion to find out how you can:
• Improve the customer experience and self-service capabilities by enabling text payments, with a live demo from Solutions by Text
• Guide your 2019 strategy with new insight into what your peers are planning, and just-released data on consumer payment preferences and text usage
• Increase collection and maximize profitability with an integrated, simple, and secure mobile billing & payments

Presenters: Mike Cantrell, President/CTO, Solutions by Text  |  Marc Sczesnak, Dir. of Product Management, ACI  |  Andrew Sajeski, AOD Bill Solutions Portfolio, ACI


Top Five Lending Trends to Watch in 2019
Recorded October 17, 2018 

It's fall, which means 2019 is around the corner, and so is budgeting for 2019. Join us to learn about key trends to watch (and maybe budget for) in 2019. Highlights will include trends in dealer operations, financial services and payments, and more. Learn how you can easily adopt new mobile friendly payment solutions for your customers. This is an exciting possibility… providing your customers the flexibility to turn their phones into payment tools and making their overall experience in paying off their loans effortless and convenient!

Presenters: Christian Solomine, SVP Sales, PayNearMe | John Minor, SVP Product & Support, PayNearMe


The Consumer Dynamics of Auto Refinancing
Recorded October 9, 2018

Auto loan refinancing may present an opportunity for consumers to improve their financial position, but for the lender it can be a complex undertaking. This presentation will provide an overview of current auto refinancing activity and then dive into life after refinancing for consumers. We’ll discuss consumer segments that perform well after auto loan refinancing and how financial institutions can set effective strategies in this space, both to capture market share and to protect their existing portfolios. This webinar is targeted to help lenders entering the auto refinancing space, or seeking to improve and broaden their auto refinancing portfolio and identify future market opportunities.

Presenter: Brian Landau, SVP & Auto Business Leader | TransUnion


Verify to Clarify - Know More About Your Customers to Help Grow & Increase your Portfolio Profitability
Recorded October 2, 2018

Verifying income and employment is an essential step in the auto lending process, but traditionally is only completed at funding to validate stated income from a consumer. Craig Sims, Vice President, Dealer & Lender Solutions at Equifax, will walk you through four (4) ways you can use income & employment verifications (along with proven use cases) throughout your auto lending process:
• Approval: Fulfill stips early to increase capture rate on applications and improve performance on loans booked
• Funding: Lower loss rates and provide the most accurate information to ensure the consumer can truly afford the loan
• Collections: Prioritize collection efforts and determine where a person works
• QA/Compliance: Verify information to assess internal errors, evaluate risk and monitor dealer reporting

Presenters: Craig Sims, VP, Dealer & Lender Solutions | Equifax


Getting Machine Learning Credit Models into Production Safely
Recorded September 18, 2018 

Today’s financial institutions understand the power of artificial intelligence to drive profitability in their businesses. Many lenders employ data science teams who are experimenting with machine learning. But the challenge for many in-house modelers is getting machine learning models into production in a safe and responsible manner, consistent with regulatory requirements. Compliance teams and regulators need clear explanations of how models work to ensure the fair treatment of customers. Join ZestFinance CEO and former CIO of Google, Douglas Merrill, to learn how financial institutions can safely and responsibly capture the gains of machine learning without changing their model risk management processes or IT infrastructure.

Presenters: Douglas Merrill, CEO | Zest Finance


The Spectrum of Lending: Completing the Consumer Picture
Recorded September 12, 2018 

Alternative data from short-term and small-dollar loans provides a wealth of positive information available on underbanked consumers who may otherwise appear to be a credit risk when using traditional data alone. In this session, we’ll size the market for alternative lending products, the type of features of these loans, and evaluate the consumers who use them compared to the traditional landscape.

Presenters: Liz Pagel, Vice President, Market Strategy | TransUnion


The New California Privacy Law: What You Need to Know
Recorded September 7, 2018

Following the example Europe set with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California passed it's first-in-the-nation consumer data privacy law in late June. As companies prepare to comply in advance of the January 2020 effective date, this webinar will analyze the new law's requirements and detail how they compare with the requirement of GDPR.

Presenters: Rick Fischer, Senior Partner, Morrison Foerster  |  Meghan Musselman, Partner, Hudson Cook


Loss Mitigation Best Practices
Recorded August 22, 2018

In any environment, it’s always appropriate for lenders to thoroughly examine their loss mitigation strategies to save losses on their portfolio. What processes are in place? Are they cost and resource effective? What is the ROI? What best practices from subprime lenders can be incorporated by lenders in a higher credit strata? In this session, we outline the trends affecting losses and share a ‘how to’ guide for applying loss mitigation best practices, including assessment of current strategies, organizational considerations, and utilization of data. 

Presenters: Steve Garcia, Director, Auto Claims, DIMONT  |  Chris Mitcham, SVP Servicing, SNAAC  |  Jorge Alvarado, Operations Manager, Westlake Financial Services

Moderator: Mark Floyd, Board Member, DIMONT


Situational Awareness & the Regulatory Landscape
Recorded August 8, 2018

This program looked at the latest regulatory updates facing the auto finance industry and explore recent case law developments regarding the SCRA, including:
+ Wrongful repossession
+ Lease termination, and
+ Military lending

It also focused on recent regulatory developments with the FDCPA and TCPA that affect collection efforts and how leading companies are quickly adapting and implementing these changes. You'll be able to:
+ Be up to date on several key legislative changes affecting vehicle servicing
+ Understand the importance of being in compliance with those updates
+ Have tools that will help you communicate these changes with the rest of your organization

Presenters: Matt Isaacson, Senior Regulatory Counsel, LenderLive  |  Kara Snow, Regulatory Counsel, LenderLive


Understanding Digital Assets in the Automobile Finance Industry
Recorded June 26, 2018 

Lending is a complex contracting process with a long lifecycle. It carries significant risk and limited trust across its value chain – from origination to funding through to the fulfillment and servicing of the loan. Managing these financial assets in the digital world offers substantial advantages is a huge job and one that requires stringent checks and balances to ensure a single untampered “authoritative copy” of loan documents exists at all times. In this webinar, you’ll hear from vehicle finance and electronic vaulting experts, Wade Carson, VP Product Operations at Open Dealer Exchange (ODE) and Michael Laurie, VP of Product Strategy at OneSpan, to learn how dealers, lenders and investors can manage and protect digital assets such as automobile loans as they are transferred between funding entities and how to ensure a secure chain-of-custody of documents throughout their lifecycle.

Presenters: Michael Laurie, VP of Product Strategy, OneSpan | Wade Carson, VP Product Operations, Open Dealer Exchange


Simplifying Titling with Tax & Fee Estimates
Recorded June 14, 2018

Wolters Kluwer’s Lien Solutions is excited to share the following webinar called “Simplifying Titling with Tax and Fee Estimates”. It provides a detailed look at how tax and fee estimates can streamline your motor vehicle title management program.

Whether in the consumer person-to-person or commercial space, upfront understanding of taxes and fees can be the difference between a smooth process and an unsecured asset. Requirements and fees can vary widely based on state or type of vehicle and a lender needs to be prepared to discuss the specifics with the borrower and ensure that the loan officer and documentation teams are aligned on expectations prior to loan closing.

Presenters: Melanie Dorado, Assistant Client Services Manager, Wolters Kluwer   |   Lainie Gussman, Director of Product Management for Motor Vehicles, Wolters Kluwer


Industry Trends in Cash Payments & Hispanic Market Insights
Recorded May 22, 2018

This webinar looks at new analyses which yield interesting insights showing that cash is still king, but perhaps not in the ways we expect. Despite the rise of credit, debit and mobile wallets, cash still constitutes 31% of the value of all transactions based on a study done by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Nearly 138 million Americans prefer using cash for day-to-day transactions which may indicate that they are financially underserved. However, of this group, 90% of individuals own and use mobile phones. The smartphone is an incredibly valuable tool for engaging in financial transactions.

How do these two seemingly disparate items intersect? Are your marketing plans providing for outreach to consumers who rely on both cash and smartphone transactions?

We’ll also examine the growing Hispanic market, which tends to engage in mobile fintech activities more frequently and where the average adult age is lower. This results in consumers who will be active marketplace participants for 17 years longer on average and provides businesses the opportunity to promote strong, lasting relationships.

Presenters: Christian Solomine, SVP Sales | PayNearMe


Bottom Up Compliance Using Technology
Recorded May 15, 2018

Adding compliance as an after thought or feature does not offer lenders the robust compliance needed in today’s regulatory world. Compliance needs to be built in from the ground up. This program will help lenders learn what the latest technology has to offer to increase compliance while decreasing cost..

Presenters: Branan Cooper, Chief Risk Officer, venminder  |  Lana Johnson, Chief Operations Officer, defi SOLUTIONS  |  Brian Larson, Consumer Lending Expert, Compli


The Future of Collections
Recorded May 3, 2018

Customer behavior changes fast, making it hard to collect from them. More than 90% of lenders are addressing this issue by adding new collection technologies. Join SAFCO and ACI for insights into new collection strategies proven to work for tomorrow’s customers.

Presenters: Frederick Glenn, Manager, Global Information Security, ACI Worldwide  |  Steve Kramer, VP of Product Management, ACI Worldwide  |  Gary Stein, Chief Financial Officer, SAFCO


Regulatory Alphabet Soup: As the CFPB evolves, who’s is watching lenders now?
Recorded April 18, 2018 

Changes may be afoot at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau but that doesn’t mean lenders are off the hook for compliance. Quite the opposite. The FTC, State AGs…there’s an alphabet soup of institutions poised to fill any vacuum left by changes at the CFPB. Join compliance industry veterans Brian Larson of Complí and Michael Benoit, Chairman of Hudson Cook to learn what you need to know as the alphabet soup of regulators line up to keep the fuel on the regulatory fire.

Presenters: Brian Larson, Consumer Lending Expert, Compli   |   Michael Benoit, Chairman, Hudson Cook


Robotic Process Automation
Fast track your way to recude costs, enhance quality and improve the speed of process execution
Recorded April 5, 2018

In this webinar, FIS took a close look at Robotic Process Automation or RPA:

+ Introduced the concepts and technologies underpinning the promise of RPA or Robotic Process Automation;
+ Walked through use cases across the automation complexity dimension to help you assess the various applications of this capability;
+ Talked about where is RPA headed? The second generation of RPA, powered by AI.

Presenters: Anant Keskar, AI & Business Transformation Leader | FIS


TCPA - What You Need to Know About the Circuit Court Decision
Recorded March 29, 2018

On March 16, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia released its decision in a pivotal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) case. Join us to learn what this means for your company.

The case challenged the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) 2015 TCPA Order. The court’s decision addresses key issues from that order: the definition of an automatic telephone dialing system, reassigned numbers, and revocation of consent. Industry experts will discuss the decision, what it means for litigation, and the FCC’s next steps.

This webinar is intended for a broad spectrum of industry professionals. We encourage lawyers, compliance professionals, and business executives to review it's content.

Presenters: Jarrod Shaw, Partner, McGuireWoods   |   Jared Marx, Partner, Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis LLP


Top Fraud Risks Facing Financial Institutions in 2018

Recorded February 15, 2018

Hear from fraud expert Ann Davidson, VP of Risk Consulting at Allied Solutions, as she breaks down three key areas of risk financial institutions will face in 2018: Synthetic ID Fraud, Synthetic Loan Fraud, and ADA Website Accessibility Compliance Risk.  Presenters: 
Ann Davidson, VP of Risk Consulting at Allied Solutions



Best Practices for Compliant Borrower Communications
Recorded December 7, 2017

Complying with all the federal, state and judicial requirements impacting the vehicle finance industry can be daunting for many lenders and servicers which typically lack the legal and compliance resources of larger financial institutions. If not interpreted correctly, lenders and servicers are exposed to penalties, class action lawsuits, and more. This session will examine new and current regulations lenders need to be aware of; what regulators expect regarding content, timing and mailing methods; and best practices to mitigate risk, avoid additional legal expenses, and even build operational efficiencies into the compliance process.

Presenters: Tim Burchard, Managing Regulatory Counsel, LenderLive  |  Matt Isaacson, Senior Compliance Counsel  |  Maria Moskver, General Counsel & Enterprise Compliance Officer, LenderLive


Top Ten Debt Collection Lessons from 2017
Recorded November 9, 2017

Experts from three different law firms will discuss some of the most pressing and thought provoking debt collection lessons from 2017.

Presenters: Kelly Knepper Stevens (Stoneleigh Recovery Associates), Caren Enloe (Smith Debnam Narron Drake Saintsing & Myers, LLP), and Ethan Ostroff (Troutman Sanders).


How to Win in 2018: New Loan Servicing Strategies
Recorded November 2, 2017

Each year, you have to up your game. Customers are raising their expectations for how they want to do business with you. Our new survey tells us that to keep up, auto finance and installment lenders have big plans for rolling out easier loan servicing experiences

Presenters: Stephen Brannon, Senior Vice President, Shaw Systems | Bruce Newmark, Chief Operating Officer, United Auto Credit | Marc Sczesnak, Director of Product Management, ACI Worldwide


Digital Marketing for Finance Companies
The Best Tools to Turn Web Traffic Into Customers
Recorded October 19, 2017

GoldPoint Systems will take an in-depth look into the most effective tools to market your finance company and highlight some of the best ways to convert website visitors to loan customers.

Presenters: Chris Collinsworth, Digital Marketing, GoldPoint Systems | Bradley Davis, VP Demand Generation, GoldPoint Systems


What to Do in the Event of a Data Breach
Recorded October 11, 2017

Data breaches, no matter the size, can significantly affect your company. How should you respond to a data breach? How do you identify and comply with your legal obligations? How do you manage reputational risk? Can you prepare in advance? It’s not “if,” but “when.”

Presenters: Jim Cheraq, Partner, Hudson Cook  |  Meghan Musselman, Partner, Hudson Cook


AFSA Independents Annual Financial Performance Results
Recorded September 26, 2017 

During this webinar, RSM US LLP will present the results of their annual financial performance survey. RSM will discuss current trends in the independent consumer finance industry and will share insights on key topics such as growth, funding, leverage, profitability, income and expenses.

Presenters:  Ronnie Lee, Partner, RSM US; Morris Marshburn, Partner, RSM US


Five Can't Fail Landing Page Strategies for Lenders, Presented by SourceLink
Recorded August 30, 2017

This webinar explores the role landing pages have in the current lending landscape, and how simple online applications can be greatly enhanced by using testing strategies with landing pages. The presentation will look closely at how lenders who are using landing pages are seeing increased revenues, and explores other topics such as responsive designs, social proof, channel specific pages and the importance of testing.

Presenter: Stephane Gringer, Vice President, Digital Solutions, SourceLink


Preparing Your Company for Compliance with the Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) Model
Recorded August 3, 2017

June 2016 was a major milestone with the FASB’s issuance of the long awaited new accounting standard for loan losses. Designated the current expected credit loss model (commonly referred to as “CECL”), the standard requires entities to record credit losses at origination based on a life of loan loss concept. This change will have a significant impact on your company’s capitalization and impact your ability to execute on strategic goals. Learn about the various modeling options for a “life-of-loan” estimate, implementation challenges and best practices to prepare your company for adoption of this required standard. This webinar will also address commonly asked questions such as why the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) changed the rules to the CECL methodology, what the required adoption timeline looks like by type of company, and how this will affect your balance sheet upon adoption.

Presenter: Heather Cozart, Partner, Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP


New Keys to Servicing Satisfaction
Recorded May 11, 2017

Customers are changing expectations for the experience that has the most influence on satisfaction - billing and payment. Make happy customers by seeing new survey results on how Americans view and pay auto and installment loans.

Presenters: Jeff Beach, Senior Director - Visa; Steve Kramer, Vice President - ACI Worldwide; Mike Rogers, Vice President - ACI Worldwide


Best Practices Using Alternative Credit Data in Automotive Financial Services
Recorded April 27, 2017

FactorTrust recently researched auto financing sources’ use of alternative credit data in their immediate or near-term business needs. The results reveal their best practices using alternative credit data around

Presenter: Dan Richard, Vice President, FactorTrust


What to Expect from the CFPB in 2017
Recorded February 22, 2017

With the rapidly changing and evolving regulatory environment, this webinar will provide AFSA members with meaningful insights into best practices for mitigating risk and navigating legal and regulatory challenges in the coming year. FIS RISC Solutions provided a brief webinar on what to expect from the CFPB in 2017, highlighting what the bureau is expected to focus on in 2017:

Presenters: Robert W. Cardwell – FIS Managing Director, Consumer Finance & Fair Banking; Allison Smith - FIS Center of Regulatory Intelligence, Director of Research & Communication