3 Strategies From Survive to Thrive: How to Come Out On Top Post-Covid| July 30, 2020

According to leading consulting company, given the constantly shifting landscape and uncertainty ahead, companies can no longer return to a static plan, but what is needed is a dynamic one based upon the ability to quickly absorb information and rapidly incorporate lessons learned in the business. This webinar will review the current challenges consumer finance companies are encountering in marketing and offer three strategies to not just survive, but have your business thrive. 

These imperatives will include:

• Establishing consumer trust through safeguards and messaging

• Mapping customer interactions and optimizing digital engagement 

• Lending growth strategies in a post covid world 

We will provide a proactive check list for webinar attendees to thrive in the post covet world 

Presenters: David Funsten, VP, Financial Services Strategy, Sourcelink and Ruben Quinones, VP, Client Strategy, Path Interactive


David Funsten has been creating and implementing prospect and customer lending marketing programs for over 20 years.As a Vice President of Strategy at Sourcelink, David is responsible for creating integrated marketing plans for our financial clients.Before joining Sourcelink, David has held senior marketing positions at Harte Hanks, Goal Financial, Merkle, Acxiom and FUSION Marketing Group.




Ruben Quinones is VP, Client Strategy at Path Interactive where he leads strategy for key accounts.  He is also an Adjunct instructor at the NYU’s School of Professional Studies and UCLA’s Digital Media Certificate Program teaching several digital marketing courses.