Reporting Automotive Loan Payments During Covid-19 Pandemic | April 30,2020

Join Drew Rosedale, Data Contributor Services Leader – Equifax and Jenn Reid, VP Strategy & Marketing – Equifax Automotive as they present what you need to know related to credit reporting during the covid-19 pandemic. They will discuss the implications of the CARES Act amendment to the FCRA for data furnishing requirements. Many lenders are rapidly instituting these programs to help consumers who have been financially impacted. 


The goal of the webinar is to provide the information you need to report consumer auto loan payments and answer consumers' questions. In this webinar, you will learn: 

• Reporting codes for periods of disaster 

• Guidance related to the CARES Act amendment to the FCRA relative to data furnishers' reporting requirements 

• Examples based on scenarios from the automotive ecosystem

• Impact of special disaster codes on consumers credit for two leading score providers 

• Resources available



Drew Rosedale has served in many different industries over the last 15 years focusing on data, technology, internal control and process improvement. Drew also has a proven track record leading teams and driving organizational change. He currently serves as the data contributor services leader at Equifax where he and his organization are accountable for the experience of those institutions that provide data to equifax. This encompasses oversight of equifax data supply chains and dispute landscape. 





JennReidJennifer “Jenn” Reid is Vice president – Automotive Marketing & Strategy leader – U.S. Information Solutions (USIS). With nearly two decades worth of experience in automotive on dealer, lender and information services sides, Reid is responsible for the development of Equifax’s automotive growth strategies, as well as overseeing specific marketing plans and initiatives. This includes understanding competitive automotive industry market dynamics and trends, key customer insights, new product innovations, and pricing and channel strategies.