State Government Affairs Resources

The State Government Affairs department develops a wealth of issues management materials to support state and local lobbying activities. These resources include talking points, white papers, 50 state surveys, municipal ordinance tracking charts, and enacted laws reports.

Talking Points
The State Government Affairs department regularly prepares one-page talking points on top issues affecting the financial services industry. These may be used by members to brief policymakers, for internal corporate communication, or however members see fit.

Issue Briefs
A  cross between AFSA’s short one-page talking points and issue background white papers, each issue brief is designed to explain an issue affecting the financial services industry in-depth and objectively for use by policymakers or internally as members see fit. 

Model Legislation
The State Government Affairs Department prepares model legislation on priority issues affecting members likely to be considered in multiple states.

White Papers
The State Government Affairs Department develops white papers on a monthly basis. Each white paper is an in-depth analysis of a particular issue, dealing with all legislation introduced on the topic at the state level. Each is a snapshot in time of the history of the issue and current legislation on the matter. 

50-State Surveys / Charts
Fifty-state surveys offer an overview of state laws on a particular topic. 

Enacted Laws
Each month, the State Government Affairs Department produces a report of enacted laws in key issue areas from around the country.

Other Resources
The State Government Affairs department periodically prepares other materials to address priority issues with recent activity.