Stay Informed

AFSA produces a wide variety of materials for use by member companies. Additionally, the association publishes a number of white papers intended to educate the general public about the importance of maintaining access to safe, responsible consumer credit. AFSA's State Government Affairs Department also produces resources that are state-specific, including 50-State Surveys, Enacted Law reports, and a variety of other publications. AFSA is pleased to produce materials that member companies find useful - if you have an idea for something and do not see it on the association's site, contact us.

White Papers
AFSA's Federal and State Government Affairs Departments, as well as the Compliance and Legal Affairs Departments produce white papers and studies that help shine light on complicated issues. Audiences vary from paper to paper, but include member companies, policymakers, the general public and the media.

Talking Points
AFSA provides member companies with an extensive list of talking points on a wide variety of subjects, at both the state and federal level. 

Issue Briefs
AFSA's issue briefs provide an in-depth overview on a particular issue for member companies. Varying in length, briefs are produces at both the state and federal level, on issues affecting consumer finance, compliance and upcoming legislation.

AFSA’s weekly electronic newsletter, AFSA Newsbriefs provides executive summaries to AFSA members on what’s happening in the association, member companies, and the industry, with links to more in-depth information.

Comment Letters

AFSA's Federal Government Affairs Department submits a variety of comment letters to a number of different regulatory agencies, courts of law, and the United States Congress. AFSA's State Government Affairs Department regularly submits comment letters on state legislative and regulatory issues that affect consumer credit.

Press & Media Releases
Working closely with the Federal and State Government Affairs Departments, AFSA's Communications Department responds to and proactively works with news outlets seeking to cover the consumer credit industry.