The AFSA Today podcast is a deep dive into wide ranging topics across the consumer credit industry with AFSA staff and industry players. Email with any questions or feedback.

Episode 9: May 9th, 2019:  Tracy Arrington, the Director of Media at Blackboard Co., joins the podcast to discuss digital communications. Prior to joining Blackboard Co., she spent 12 years in media at GSD&M Advertising and another five years as vice president and director of strategy and development at The Davis Group.  

Episode 8: April 25, 2019:  Riley Key, Attorney with Bradley Arant Boult Cummings: Riley focuses on counseling clients in the financial services world. He discusses those issues, social media, and more in this episode. Riley recently spoke at AFSA's Law and Compliance Symposium in March.  

Episode 7: April 11, 2019:  Toni Lewis-Bennett, Vice President, Member Engagement, AFSA: Toni discusses her plans and ideas to grow membership and enhance the association’s member outreach.

Episode 6: March 28th, 2019:  Celia Winslow, Vice President, Legal & Regulatory Affairs, AFSA: Celia discusses the legal and regulatory issues for the association. Celia closely monitors a variety of federal agencies – tracking regulations, guidance, enforcement actions, reports, speeches, collection activities, and relevant news for AFSA.

Episode 5: December 13th, 2018:  Philip Bohi, Vice President, Compliance Education AFSA: Philip discusses the convergence of digital technology on compliance and legal issues and how that was addressed at AFSA’s recent Annual Meeting. He also addresses AFSA’s efforts to focus on digital technology engagement and ways for members to get the maximum return from their technology partnerships.

Episode 4: November 27th, 2018:  Ann Carmichael, Vice President, Federal Government Affairs, AFSA: Ann analyzes, among other topics, changes in leadership at the important House Financial Services Committee on both sides of the aisle, and how that could shape both the future legislative agenda affecting the consumer credit industry and the direction of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection.

Episode 3: October 16th, 2018:  Danielle Fagre Arlowe, Senior Vice President, AFSA: In this podcast, Danielle Fagre Arlowe shares how she and her team stay on top of issues in 50 states and how proposed legislation or regulation could affect AFSA’s member companies.

Episode 2: September 20th, 2018:  Bill Himpler, Executive Vice President AFSA: In this podcast, AFSA’s Jack Ferry, Vice President of Communications, interviews Bill Himpler, AFSA’s Executive Vice President and a Capitol Hill veteran, who leads AFSA’s Federal Government Relations team.

Episode 1: September 6th, 2018  Chris Stinebert, President & CEO AFSA: AFSA's Vice President of Communications Jack Ferry interviews AFSA President & CEO Chris Stinebert to discuss issues facing current and potential members in 2018.