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Committee Information
The purpose of the Operations and Regulatory Compliance Committee (ORCC) is to address the policies, guidance, enforcement actions and regulations issued by federal government and agencies that impact the association’s members.
This new AFSA committee assists member companies deal with compliance issues the industry faces by developing industry resources and educational materials.

ORCC Leadership

Chairman: Nathan Benson, Chief Executive Officer, Tidewater Finance Company.

Vice Chairman: Dan Soto, Chief Compliance Officer, Ally Financial Inc.  
ORCC Consumer Complaint Working Group Chair: Beth Decker, VW Credit
ORCC Business Partner Advisory Working Group Chair: John Short, Fortegra Financial

In-person Meetings and Conference Calls 
ORCC members meet in-person three times per year during the following AFSA events:
  • Vehicle Finance Conference - Winter
  • Independents Conference - Spring
  • AFSA's Annual Meeting - Fall

The next-in person meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 29 in conjunction with AFSA’s Annual Conference in Los Angeles

Conference Calls 
The ORCC holds monthly conference calls with finance company members, except when the committee meets in-person.
We hold quarterly calls with our Business Partner members. Please contact us for more information.



CFPB Documents
  • Consumer Complaint Database CFPB's database listing complaints they receive from consumers about financial products and services. The site includes Consumer response team's annual reports.

 Other Federal Agencies

Compliance Resource Center
The ORCC assists AFSA member companies deal with many of the compliance issues they face by developing industry resources and educational materials.
AFSA Resources
Working Groups
When focused on a key initiative (e.g. customer complaints) the ORCC uses specialized working groups, which are established with ORCC members who have special training and experience in the area of review.

So far, the ORCC has established a “Consumer Complaint Working Group,” which focuses on developing resources for AFSA members to help them address consumer complaints.
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