Federal Government Affairs

AFSA’s Federal Government Affairs Department formulates and actively advocates the financial service industry’s positions in legislative, regulatory and judicial settings. The department works with both Congress and regulatory agencies to achieve the industry’s goals. For a comprehensive overview of AFSA's key federal initiatives, review the 2019 Federal PrioritiesFor the latest information on AFSA's specific initiatives, visit the links below. AFSA remains at the forefront of the political debate on a number of issues that affect its member companies’ ability to offer affordable credit options to American consumers. AFSA members can find the most up-to-date legislative information at Congress.gov. The site includes a searchable list of bills, legislative activity, Congressional calendars, and committee information. AFSA members can stay-up-to-date with the most recent congressional testimony, speeches, and news at C-SPAN

For questions or comments, contact Bill Himpler, Executive Vice President.


AFSA's Compliance Department helps member companies stay on top of federal regulatory compliance requirements and adjust to the “new normal.” This means adapting to evolving regulatory change, constant enforcement of new and current regulatory requirements, and increasing regulatory focus on an institution’s compliance management model.

For questions, contact Phillip Bohi, Vice President, Compliance Education.

Legal & Regulatory

AFSA’s Legal & Regulatory Affairs Department deals with all aspects of the legal environment facing the industry, including legislative issues and regulatory matters. The Law Committee deals with all aspects of the legal environment facing the industry, including legislative issues, regulatory matters, and litigation. 

For questions or concerns, contact Celia Winslow, Vice President, Legal & Regulatory Affairs.


The American Financial Services Association Political Action Committee (AFSAPAC) is the voluntary, nonpartisan Political Action Committee of the American Financial Services Association. AFSAPAC enhances the consumer finance industry's voice in Washington, DC by supporting the candidates who recognize the importance of preserving access to credit and consumer choice. 

Learn more at afsapac.org. Contact Susan Sullivan, Director of Congressional and Political Affairs, with any questions or comments.