AFSA helps member companies stay on top of federal regulatory compliance requirements and adjust to the “new normal”, e.g. evolving regulatory change, constant enforcement of new and current regulatory requirements, and increasing regulatory focus on an institution’s compliance management model. AFSA assists members meet their compliance goals in a number of ways, including by providing regular alerts and updates on important regulatory compliance issues affecting the industry; facilitating sharing of information between members (in-person meetings, conference calls, surveys) to learn about how member companies are keeping current with compliance requirements; providing resources, including compliance training (i.e. AFSA University), and templates and sample documents on the components of a robust compliance management system; and organizing educational events including webinars and seminars. 

For questions, consult the Compliance Department's Priority Issues or contact Philip Bohi, Vice President, Compliance Education.

Federal Regulatory Agency Guidance & Documents

Compliance Management Resources

AFSA member companies face many compliance issues; AFSA works to assist in any way it can by developing industry resources and educational materials. Be sure to review the Priority Issues and Compliance Management Checklist developed by the Operations and Regulatory Compliance Committee.

AFSA Resources
ORCC In-Person Meeting Presentations


Vendor Management Resources

Federal regulators are increasingly looking to the relationship that exists between member companies and third-party vendors to ensure compliance with applicable laws. AFSA helps educate the industry in this important area by producing materials and papers.

Vendor Management Resources

Business Partner Perspectives

The resources below are provided by AFSA Business Partners. They are intended to be educative in nature.

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