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Episode 3: Paul Hale, Senior Vice President, Security Finance Corp. & 2019 AFSAEF Leadership Development Program President 
In this episode of the Extra Credit Podcast we speak with Paul Hale, Senior Vice President of Security Finance Corp. and President of the 2019 AFSAEF Leadership Development Program at UNC. We pull off to the side of AFSA’s Annual Meeting in Nashville to talk about his concern about debt settlement companies and how they are negatively effecting customers. He also speaks about what he’s learned in his career and shares some best practices.

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Episode 2: Rex Ellison, President & CEO - Republic Finance | AFSAEF Chairman 
In this episode of the AFSA Extra Credit Podcast, we speak to Rex Ellison, President & CEO of Republic Finance and Chairman of the AFSA Education Foundation. Rex shares with us some best practices for building a successful traditional installment lending business and tells us about a what he's learned in his career so far. Rex also shares a powerful story about the impact installment loans can have on the lives of ordinary Americans.

Episode 1: AFSA President & CEO Bill Himpler