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  • AFSA University – an online compliance training program on federal laws and regulations for members only at only $20 per employee per year.
  • Join the Operations and Regulatory Compliance Committee (ORCC) to receive resources to assist your company in developing a Compliance Management System, a vendor management program, cybersecurity procedures and more. Share information with other AFSA members on important compliance topics.
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Your “Voice” in Washington and the Media

  • AFSA is a prominent voice in Washington for the vehicle finance industry.
  • Access AFSA’s plan of action in dealing with the CFPB and receive continuous updates.
  • View the Federal Legislative Priorities for vehicle finance members
  • Join the AFSA Law Committee and Vehicle Finance Subcommittee – a reason many companies join AFSA
  • Proactive outreach and response to news media covering industry issues.

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